If you look at a map of Spain and go as far south as you can, you will see a small piece of land almost touching Africa, separated by only 14 kilometres of sea from Europe. Well, there, right there, is Tarifa, in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia.

This is the most common destination for our camper vans for hire and if you need it, you can rent a camper van in Tarifa or we can take it to the nearest airport, Jerez, Malaga or Seville.

Vw T6 California Ocean Caracolvan

Destination Kitesurf and nomad

I still remember the first time I saw in Tarifa, the cloud of windsurfing sails and kitesurfing kites running parallel to the beach of Valdevaqueros, with the dune in the background. Impressive.

But if you come from the world of camper vans, Casa Porros impressed much more! A field next to the beach with dozens of foreign vans and camper vans of all shapes and colors mixed with German, Dutch, French and hippies …. and some Spanish.

Tarifa is not only the destination for wind lovers, but also for nomads, campervans, what we now call “camperlife“, from all over Europe and even the world. Don’t the Norwegians have their North Cape? Well, we have Tarifa! Or Punta Paloma, to be more geographically accurate.

It is not for nothing that we bought our first camper van there, a Vw California Syncro, that’s nothing. There is one of the seeds of Caracolvan.

Whale watching in the Strait of Gibraltar
tarifa paseo en barco

Kitesurf in Valdevaqueros beach

tarifas meca kitesurf

Magic between two seas

Tarifa exudes a special magic, the union of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic creates a unique atmosphere and the nature is exuberant thanks to the air currents and the humidity. Its inhabitants have come from all over the world, I don’t know what it is about borders that attract all kinds of people, both normal and curious.

With Africa just a stone’s throw away, the first time someone visits, they have to ask to make sure if “is that Morocco over there?”

It is hard to imagine that such a short distance separates us from another culture and easy to understand how there are people who, seeing it so close, want to come here in search of a future, let’s call it different.

The lights of Tangier are clearly distinguishable when the sun goes down. From the port of Tarifa there are fast ferries (45 min) from FRS to Tangier with several departures a day which offer one or two day trips, you can visit the beautiful villages of Chefchaouen or Asilah.

Morocco only 14 kms away
marruecos tarifa 14km
In Tarifa the fun is guaranteed
Tarifa alquiler camper van pachamama

What to do in Tarifa

You can kitesurf or sign up for one of the thousand kite schools in town, or even bump into Gisela Pulido, the youngest ever World Kite Champion (10 years old and still winning) on the waves or in town.

If you’re more of a drylander you can rent an electric bike and ride up the Sierra del Bujeo, and then back down… or take a ride through the mysterious Bosque de Niebla, in the Alcornocales Natural Park, and contemplate this botanical redoubt of laurisilva on the peninsula.

Another of the most spectacular activities that we can do in Tarifa, well in the “Strait of Gibraltar” is whale watching. With one of the specialised companies we can have a spectacular experience watching the orcas or pilot whales that swarm in the strait. You won’t forget it.

Afterwards, you’ll have to choose a place to eat. It won’t be easy, there’s a wide range on offer, red tuna from the strait, belly, morrillo… tartar, tataki… local and international, I couldn’t decide. Of course, if you have a sweet tooth, a “tram” in “La Tarifeña“, you won’t regret it.

Sunset on the beach of Balneario, Tarifa
tarifa atlantico mediterraneo
Road trip to Tarifa
ruta cadiz tarifa furgo camper

How to get to Tarifa

The best way to get to Tarifa is without a doubt by camper van or motorhome, of course! And if you don’t have one, you can rent one from Caracolvan, which are very cool.

The truth is that Tarifa is not very well communicated and is quite far away from everything, that’s part of its charm, if it was in Barajas it wouldn’t be so cool. The best is to come by plane to Jerez Airport (XRY), Malaga Airport (AGP) or Seville Airport (SVQ). In any of them you can rent a campervan.

If you prefer the train because you are afraid of the plane, you can take the High Speed train to El Puerto de Santa María or Cádiz, the closest, and we will pick you up there too. If you come by car, we will exchange it for a camper while you are on holiday. We will store it in our warehouse free of charge while you are on the road in Cádiz.

If you prefer to come on foot or you arrive from the south, by boat from Tangier, we can also deliver the camper van directly to Tarifa with a small additional cost. You have no excuse!

La Sierra del Bujeo
sierra bujeo bosque niebla Tarifa
In Tarifa there is art in every corner
Tarifa en furgo camper