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One of the best equipped models on the market.

The flagship of our rental Camper vans is one of the best equipped models on the market. On the basis of a well-known van, there is room for a very particular motorhome. With four seats in motion, two double beds (140 × 190 cm.) Or a third bed (70 × 160 cm.) for children. The Caracolvan Maxi Camper adds the indoor bathroom, with shower and hot water, to the comforts that they offer the rest of the Caracolvan equipped vans.

With a turbocharged engine of 130 hp and six gears, the Maxi Camper is perfectly equipped for the longest crossings. A low consumption of less than 10 liters per 100 km and the comfort of any sedan will make us forget that we have behind everything necessary so that we do not miss anything in our vacations in Andalusia.

Fridge, kitchen, bathroom, heating and hot water and a huge trunk to carry everything we need, the Caracolvan Maxi Camper is undoubtedly the travel companion of those who want to take all the comforts of your holiday home.



Stands out for:

  • Interior bathroom
  • Full equipment
  • Hot water and heating

We recommend you if:

  • You want to have everything in a van
  • You cannot go without your bathroom
  • You look for a small motorhome

User Guide MAXI CAMPER (WEINSBERG CARABUS) – Video tutorial

The Maxi Camper is the most appreciated camper van

The Maxi Camper is the most demanded camper van rental of our fleet. Its versatility and complete equipment are the reasons for being the favorite camper of travelers and those who want to have their first camper experience.

Its size is one of the main advantages. An exterior without overhangs and with a constant width makes it easy to drive. Its barely six meters long still allow us to move freely on all types of roads. Its 2’60 m. height is the minimum measure that allows us to stand comfortably inside the RV without lifting any roof or losing insulation, a great advantage.

Interior bathroom with shower

But if something makes everyone opt for the Maxi Camper RV rental model is its independent interior bathroom. It not only has a toilet, but also a sink and a practical shower with hot water that allows us to be totally autonomous during our vacations. This shower can also be taken out through the window of the bathroom and becomes an outdoor shower. It is wonderful to be able to take a shower in the open air after a day at the beach or a day of sport in the middle of nature.

The Maxi camper is completely self-sufficient

If we add to that a 100 liters tank of fresh water, an independent heating and a complete electrical supply system with auxiliary battery and solar panel, we get a complete self-sufficiency in our vacation aboard a camper van rental.

The kitchen has two burners and a sink, a wonderful compressor refrigerator that really cools and has an integrated freezer. As well as several storage compartments for food and drinks. Our special camper equipment also includes all the necessary kitchenware and crockery so that we do not miss anything in the kitchen when dining in our home on wheels.

The front seats are swivel with a simple movement and thanks to the extensible central table, we can create a dining room for four people. In it we can eat, play a game or just enjoy a nice family time in our “road trip”.

Two large modular double beds

At the time of rest we have two double beds of 140 cm x 190 cm that can be modulated depending on our needs. If we are four people we can take the two beds mounted as a bunk bed, if we are three, a double bed underneath and a single bed of 90 cm on top, and if we are only two, the lower double bed, equivalent to a marriage bed, will do the wonders of any couple.

All the windows and skylights have mosquito nets and darkening, they are practicable and with them we get both insulation from the cold in winters and create pleasant air currents in summer. In all units we already have electric steps to access the interior so that we can climb into the camper van comfortably.

In short, the Maxi camper is that van for those who want everything with a reasonable driving size. It has the comforts of a motorhome inside without being so bulky, big on the outside. The ideal companion for a different vacation for couples or families and certainly the most versatile van that we can offer you in our fleet of motorhome rental vans in Andalucia.