Suzuki Jimny Camper 4×4

Rent your Suzuki Jimny Camper 4×4

From 89,00€

A real off-road vehicle, small, easy to drive and very versatile.

The new Suzuki Jimny Camper 4×4 is the ideal companion for couples who want to get lost on their vacations, find the most hidden place while enjoying the road. A real off-road vehicle, small, easy to drive and very versatile thanks to its Camper 4×4 equipment.

To the most successful 4×4 today we have added a camper equipment in which you find everything you need to enjoy a vacation in full contact with nature. A comfortable roof tent that converts with a simple movement into a double bed. In its compact interior for two people we have used the rear area to mount a fridge that is powered by the latest lithium battery technology.

We cannot forget a water tank with an external shower included. We also find a kitchen kit, a table and two outdoor chairs and a practical chest of drawers where you can store everything you need for “overland” life in this small 4×4 Camper.



Stands out for:

  • 4 wheel drive (4×4)
  • Roof tent
  • Maximum mobility

We recommend you if:

  • You want to get where no one gets
  • You are looking for the most hidden place
  • You would like to try the Suzuki Jimny