Easily rent your camper-van or motorhome

Are you thinking about renting a motorhome or camper van?
We present you our team so that you can choose who you want to accompany you on your trip.
Oh! We also have classic VW California vans for weddings or special events.


The most famous Camper van model in the world. Volkswagen has been evolving its recreational and leisure vans to the new times since that pioneering Vw T1. The result is the new Vw T6 California, a vehicle with all the quality and safety of a German brand, but also with full equipment to enjoy a holiday with your partner, family or friends. Kitchen, refrigerator and two beds are not at odds with ease of driving and economy of use.



We can call it the queen of the camper vans, the large-volume camper van reinvented by Volkswagen. The new Vw Grand California 600 is in a nutshell the legendary Vw California, bigger and with a bathroom with WC and hot water shower. Quality, warmth and technology go hand in hand to create a beautiful and incomparable compact 4-seater motorhome that will delight camper van enthusiasts and especially those who love detail.


On the basis of a current van, there is room for a very particular motorhome. With four seats in motion, two double beds (150 × 190 cm.) The Caracolvan Maxi Camper adds the interior bathroom, with shower and hot water, to the comforts offered by the rest of the Caracolvan equipped vans. All the advantages of a large motorhome but in a much more manageable size, the perfect companion for a vacation.


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Transit Eco Camper


The Eco Camper is a model based on our experience to offer you all the necessary equipment for two people in a rental Camper van and at an affordable price. On a current van with low consumption diesel engine we assemble all the necessary elements so that you do not miss anything in your holidays as a couple.


Classic vans


The ’60s and’ 70s have already passed but we were left with something more than the spirit of freedom and good music.

We can still remember that time at the wheel of one of the classic Vw vans of peace, love and freedom. In our fleet we offer the most legendary models of Camper Volkswagen, with all its hippie spirit and originally equipped by Westfalia and in perfect condition.

If you are looking for a classic van for an event, a shoot or a wedding, contact us and we can surely fulfill your dream.

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    What are camper vans?

    Let’s briefly explain what a camper van is. In short: it is a compact motorhome. Inside the body of a van, which is usually used for cargo or passengers, we put the necessary equipment to become our home for a period of time, a weekend, a week or a long vacation.

    What does this camper van equipment consist of?

    The most common is to have a bed or two, a refrigerator, a kitchen with sink and stove for cooking. Apart from the technical equipment that makes everything work, such as fresh and dirty water tanks, auxiliary battery, electrical system…
    From here, which would be the minimum that we understand (and we offer) as a camper van, we can go adding things. A toilet, which can be portable, also called “potti” or fixed and be located inside a bathroom, which is another of the things that can include the camper. The hot water would be linked to this interior bathroom as well as the shower. Other camper vans also usually have a shower, but mostly outside and with cold water, also very useful and pleasant, especially in summer.

    Size matters

    Let’s say that their equipment is dictated by their size, because one of the advantages of camper vans compared to motorhomes is their small exterior size. Camper vans have much more freedom of movement than motorhomes and can drive in places where large motorhomes cannot enter. They are easier to drive, a Vw T6 California is almost like a car and can even be parked in a subway parking lot in a city.
    But of course if they are small on the outside, they are also small on the inside. Their equipment tends to be smaller than a big house on wheels as well as the space available. This implies that they have fewer closets, less storage and above all that they are limited to a maximum of seats.
    The most common are 4 seats maximum. They are perfect for a couple or a couple with children, because they offer more mobility and economy of use. In addition they spend much less fuel than the big motorhomes and go more unnoticed in the tourist places.

    Camper van large size

    Our Maxi Camper would be what is usually called “large size camper van”, which is a perfect intermediate step between the camper vans with pop-up roof like the Vw California and the motorhomes. It is equipped on a van already with a high roof, which allows us to stand inside without problem and above all has a bathroom with toilet, shower and hot water, allowing us to be totally self-sufficient in our trip.
    Another advantage of this model is that the beds are already fitted, there is no need to assemble them with the seats of the living room, for example. They are placed transversally in the back and when we want to go to bed it is as easy as at home. We can even leave the children sleeping and we can stay in the living room chatting, lucky you if you can do it!

    Now you just have to choose camper van and destination. But you should know that in a camper van vacation you start to enjoy from the very first moment of the trip, no matter the destination!