The trip itself becomes the adventure; the destination it’s just an excuse to enjoy an unforgettable experience at the wheel of our house with wheels. Caracolvan will be perfect if you want to try, for the first time, the extraordinary feeling of freedom. Also if you are a traveler expert and you would enjoy a road trip by Andalusia.

But, please be carefull it will hook you!






Vw T2 Camper and Caracolvan at “20 minutes”

     Usually the newspapers talk about news, more or less fortunate, but the VW T2 Kombi is unusual protagonist of them. After its recent cessation of production (December 2013 in Brazil) the legendary VW van has taken the limelight once more.    This time it has been in the monthly supplement of the free newspaper "20 Minutes" where Lucía Burbano makes an interesting story about our beloved Volkswagen T2, Kombi or Bulli. Vw Camper Spirit    There we will see that this van Vw has gone from being a vehicle to directly become a myth, it is more important [...]

“Andalusia Camper-van Experience ” on Canal Sur

      We leave this report of the program "Health to the day" of Canal Sur in which they counted on Caracolvan and Reel Surfoards to show some of the benefits of enjoying a "Camper Experience".     As you all know camper vans are not only a means of transport, but because of their equipment as housing, these vehicles are the perfect companions to escape for a few days in search of adventure in nature. Whether it be surfing, hiking, biking, climbing ... any sport we practice or even simply tourism. The most important thing is to have fun enjoying [...]

The weather in Andalusia in May

  We are in full spring, the landscape in Andalusia is spectacular, from the interior areas, the mountain, to the coast. Zahara de la Sierra, Cádiz.  It is the perfect time to visit the areas that in summer reach temperatures above 40º. Visit the beautiful Cordoba, Jaén that is dazzling, or Seville, which has a special color, and what better to discover it at this time. Jaén, Andalusia.  The rest of the Andalusian communities have a coast, so they are perfect to visit in the coming months, Huelva, Cadiz, Malaga, Almeria. Road trip Cádiz. Photo:Alvaro Sanz Now also [...]

How to wash clothes when travelling in a van in Spain

  Sometimes when we make routes longer than a week, we cannot package clothes for every day, because the space in our camper is limited, and we have to resort to wash the clothes that we can carry. But the van has no washing machine, what could we do? We are going to give you several options to solve this problem, from the most basic to the craziest we have found in forums for campers. Where do you wash your clothes? We will focus on the area of ​​Cádiz to tell you about local sites and then other solutions for [...]

The weather in Andalusia in April

  When we decide to travel with our camper to Spain, one of the aspects that we care most is the place we are going to go and especially the time that we will find. In order to help you, we have decided to explain how the weather normally in Andalusia and specifically in April, a month as you will observe, perfect to travel in camper to Andalusia (we also recommend that you take a look at this guide : "Road Trip for Andalusia"). In general in Andalusia, we enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate, in which summers are dry and [...]

Van Route: Vía de la Plata in Seville

  Source: Nature calls us again in the form of rural tourism within the region of the Vía de la Plata in Seville. It is a region that includes seven municipalities, ideal for those who love hiking, cycling and horse riding.   Aznalcóllar is one of the villages that form part of the Via de la Plata. This municipality is located between the Aljarafe countryside and the Sierra Norte, about 36 kilometers from the capital. It emphasizes its medieval castle of Arab origin, that is in an elevated area of ​​the town and that makes it part of the [...]

Alpujarra Route in Granada

  If you are looking to get away a few days in your campervan (you can hire it if you come to Spain in Caracolvan) and your destination is Andalusia and Granada, you can not miss La Alpujarra, an area of special interest and visual grandeur. It is one of the most included in the road trip through Andalusia. Among the Sierra Nevada National Park and the Mediterranean Sea is "La Alpujarra", an area well known in the province of Granada. It is a region made up of twenty municipalities. Its rugged mountains, valleys, ravines and gorges give us amazing [...]

Travel with Caracolvan

  With the passion for the nature, the free time, the camping, the beaches and the different and amazing landscape that Andalusia show us, was born Caracolvan, with the goal of bring this passion to other and as far. To travel in a camperva van give us the opportunity de scape of the rutine and enjoy the paradise that Andalusia show us. The company has classic campervans as Volkswagen, an authentic referent in the Camper world. The California model continue being a classic, 20 years after be done. In addition, it has all the necessary. This kind of van has [...]

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