alpujarra granada spain
If you are looking to get away a few days in your campervan (you can hire it if you come to Spain in Caracolvan) and your destination is Andalusia and Granada, you can not miss La Alpujarra, an area of special interest and visual grandeur. It is one of the most included in the road trip through Andalusia.
Among the Sierra Nevada National Park and the Mediterranean Sea is “La Alpujarra”, an area well known in the province of Granada. It is a region made up of twenty municipalities. Its rugged mountains, valleys, ravines and gorges give us amazing views, especially at time when the mountains are covered by that white cloak; a place that attracts more and more tourist attention.
Among the best known municipalities are Lanjarón, also known as the Puerta de la Alpujarra. The area is also known for its mineral waters. A perfect place to relax. Another of his best known and the largest municipalities and village is Órgiva.
The white villages of Cañar, Soportújar and Carataunas form the Balcony of the Alpujarra, must visit along with the towns of Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira., That allow the traveler to contemplate one of the most beautiful parts of Spain. We can go through these towns to make the necessary route Poqueira Gorge. Worth leaving our van parked in town to tour these almost ten kilometers.

Route Alpujarra

The best option is to leave from the Freedom Square Pampaneira. The views out of town and look to him are unbelievable. After nearly fifty minutes, we reach Bubión, which will cross the bottom. The road to the next village, Capileira walks past a restored farmhouses and through cultivated terraces. especially striking is the abundance of cherry, apple, pear and peach trees. Just two kilometers after climb, we reach Capileira, the brightest municipality of Barranco, being the most hours of sunshine received.
Once up, it is worth going to the Natural Mirador de Eras de Aldeire and contemplate the best views of Barranco. Once we get to Puente Chiscar begins the road back south, passing along a quiet path without ups and downs. After crossing the Barranco de Haza Redonda and the Barranco de las Rosas, we find a peculiar perspective of the peoples of Poqueira and their white houses. The view towards the idea leaves us allows us to contemplate the Poqueira river basin and Mulhacén background. By continuing down we can meet the Bridge Higuerilla or Mill, named for stand beside the ruins of an old mill. Once here we can choose to re-Bubión, through a secondary ravine or watchtower rise again and continue to Pampaneira.

Gastronomy in the Alpujarra

Gastronomy is another aspect that can be enjoyed in the Alpujarra of Granada. He noted for its meats and sausages, especially the Trevelez ham, known worldwide, and the highest municipality in Spain. The area is also well known its Moorish pastries.
One of the places where we can park our camper van is the Alpujarra Camping, which has 36 places for campervans. It is important that, if we thought to spend the night there, book in advance. Although anyway, there are many places, although they do not have all the services, you can spend the night.

Time Required

2 to 3 days.

Extension Approximately

2300 km

Best Season

From March to October