Spain is one of the best destinations for tourisms, always in the top 5 most visited by international tourists. Therefore, it seeks to facilitate tourists life as possible and there are companies and services such as Caracolvan that put freedom of the road available to anyone who requests it. Today we post a “must” route in Spain. A “road trip” by the White Villages in Andalusia. Which inherits the name from the color of its houses and the beauty and tradition of its streets and inhabitants. A route that runs mostly by Cadiz and Malaga and goes back to Roman times of the spectacular al-Andalus.

1. Arcos de la Frontera- Algar

This is the reference town and the perfect place to be starting the “road trip, being the gateway to the White Villages. We talk about one of the most charming towns throughout Spain and beauty of what made him a historic monument. From its hills, nearly 100 meters high, we can enjoy one of the best views of the Andalusian mountains with the famous bulls and other fauna and flora: almond trees, vines and olive, orange trees, horses, etc.
The really nice thing about this town is to enjoy its interior, the remains of other cultures found throughout history in its streets, walls and houses. Their courtyards Andalusian and Moorish-inspired, with Roman mixtures. But it is not only in its visual beauty, but in all outdoor activities Arcos de la Frontera offers.
arcos frontera spain
Photo: Thousandandwonders
To do this, we have water sports on Lake Arcos, paragliding or delta from its huge hills to enjoy the Sierra Andaluza, canoeing, sailing, horseback riding and even hiking. A place to park our camper van and immerse yourself in one of the prettiest villages in Spain. The village lies on a hill so climb to the top with our camper is a bit complicated. In addition, its streets are quite narrow. However, at the entrance of the village there is a public car park located on an esplanade where we can park easily and even spend the night. Algar, on the other hand, note that is in a privileged place welcoming the Natural Park of the Acorns.

2. Bornos-Espera

Bornos is located in the eastern part of the Sierra del Calvario, one crossed by the Guadalete River plain. Its enclave situation help protect you from the north winds. Its plot revolves around the Castle-Palace Riberra declared also of Cultural Interest. Bornos you can find a special place to spend the night with all the amenities. It is the Centre for Tourism Activities in the Lake, where you can also enjoy different hobbies like kayaking, Paddle Sup or two-seater flights. Between the two locations is Carissa Aurelia, also an archaeological site of Cultural Interest, which highlights the necropolis and the walled urban area.

3. Villamartín

The limit of the province and in the Sierra de Cadiz is Villamartin, it noted for its long history. Proof of this is the Alberite Dolmen, a megalithic monument. In addition also speaks ruins of Matrera, from medieval times. Villamartin is also the Camper Park “Los Villares” perfect if we want to stay overnight in the area. It is outside the village enjoying our campervan, about three kilometers but has all kinds of services and is near the Dolmen of Albet.

4. Algodonales-El Gastor

algodonales spain
Photo: Clubrural
Algodonales is located at the northern entrance of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Village highlights its streets full of orange trees and fountains. It has twelve sources. Besides, very common in the area, prehistoric sites are also other monuments. As activities to do in the area the gliding stresses as it has several areas for takeoff and landing of paragliders and the like. Another interest of the area is the Historical Reenactment which takes place on May 2 around the main town square.
In it, the confrontation took place in the area between the algodonaleños and the French people is recreated. There is also CIVA Algodonales, an area for caravans with a maximum capacity of twenty and open all year. The Gastor, which is very close, particularly remarkable for its craftsmanship, its landscapes and traditions.

5. Olvera-Puerto Serrano

In the area of ​​Olvera, campervans can sleep just one kilometer from the village and the Vía Verde de la Sierra. Conforms another of the gates of the White Towns of Andalusia. Being an area dominated by mountainous elevations, it is an ideal for sports like climbing area. The area is located on the back of a hill, which also makes have wonderful views. Just half an hour we find Puerto Serrano notably the nature especially since there is an entrance to the Via Verde de la Sierra. In addition mastic of Las Paletas, a tree collected in the Catalogue of Singular Trees and Groves of Andalusia, it stands in the area.

6. Torre Alháquime

torre alquime spain
Photo: Cadizturismo
Alháquime tower owes its name to Arab rule. Include the Moorish Castle or the cemetery still XII-XIV declared of tourist interest. The area is also known for important events such as the engine test car Climb Remedies and Enduro competition. The village’s history is closely linked to banditry and there are many places with special charm.

7. Setenil-Alcalá del Valle

setenil route trip spain
Photo: José Luis Álvarez Díaz
Setenil particularly remarkable for the beauty of its natural enviorement. This is one of the main tourist destinations in the Sierra de Cadiz. The rocks intrude on the streets and houses and give different heights to the streets. An image to meet in person. The town is also remarkable for the medieval castle. It still retains the Tower of Homage and a cistern.
The area is not the ideal to get in with your campervan. So at the entrance of the village we can leave our camper and tour the village on foot. Alcalá del Valle, located between the province of Cadiz and Malaga, highlighted by the Tomillo dolmens, which has a unique menhir in the province. The route itself highlights the landscapes, nature and the wide range of outdoor activities that you can enjoy.