Camper Paradises

The trip itself becomes the adventure; the destination it’s just an excuse to enjoy an unforgettable experience at the wheel of our house with wheels. Caracolvan will be perfect if you want to try, for the first time, the extraordinary feeling of freedom. Also if you are a traveler expert and you would enjoy a road trip by Andalusia.

But, please be carefull it will hook you!






Five hidden paradises beaches in Cádiz, South of Spain

  There are isolated and spectacular places to go, after a short walk. These sites that we suggest you, are not visible from the road. You have to walk a stretch to see them. This makes them spectacular and special. 1. MAGIC POINT TEMPLE OF HERCULES, CHICLANA Incredible platform through pine forests to see a sunset with a Phoenician castle in the background. Height and amazing views. Plunge into the large pine forest which flows into the sea. 2. FRAILECILLO COVE, CONIL  Lonely and sheltered from the easterly winds and located in the most famous “White Town” for its white [...]

Bolonia beach, a haven of peace and culture in Cadiz Coast

       Of the 83 beaches that draw the Cadiz coast, south of Andalucia, Spain, today we will stop at one of the most beautiful and wild, but easily accessible with our hire Camper vans. We're talking about the beach Bolonia, situated between Tarifa and Zahara de los Atunes, which could well be considered its little treasure.     Located in a cove between the mountain of San Bartolome, which mimics the crest of a wave-the Sierra de Plata and a bright dune that keeps moving when blowing "levante", get to Bolonia is to discover the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. [...]

Cadiz (Spain), lighthouse of Europe

  If you do not know Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain, you have to know, here's a preview. If you know it, you'll look forward to returning when you see it. Beaches, mountains, vineyards... splendid aerial footage shot in in cinema format. A compelling vision unique and unprecedented invites you to visit the Cadiz province. CADIZ, LIGHTHOUSE OF EUROPE, by Juan Lebron. OFFICIAL VIDEO OF THE PROVINCE. Deputation of Cadiz.  

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