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Volkswagen has gone a step further with its range of Camper vans. Many were crying out for it and of course the German brand has not disappointed. The new Vw Grand California, is as its name suggests, BIGGER, more equipped, better. Based on a Vw Crafter, he has created an authentic high-volume Camper with luxury and style.

Your camper with four seats and bathroom

With 4 seats on the road and in camping, its greater length and the raised roof expands the interior space, allowing us to stand at all times, while forming a second bed on top. Equipped with a kitchen, with a fridge and sink and a design and functionality never seen before in Camper of this size, Grand California offers us just what we needed to make our trip a totally independent and autonomous experience: a private bathroom with WC, shower with hot water and sink.

Rent your van with 177hp and the latest technology

Equipped with a powerful 177 hp diesel engine and 8-speed automatic transmission, its spacious interior does not replicate on the exterior and drives like a next-generation mid-size van with all kinds of electronic driving aids that facilitate its driving. Life on board becomes a pleasant sensation for all occupants. An authentic asphalt yacht with which to get lost with your family.



Stands out for:

  • Interior bathroom
  • 4 places day / night
  • Top of the range equipment

We recommend you if:

  • The Vw California was too small for you
  • You want to try the best Camper
  • Do you want it all

User Guide VW Grand California 600 – Video tutorial

Hire a spacious and stylish camper van

The Vw Grand California is a large camper van with style. The Volkswagen brand’s know-how in the world of camper vans over the years has been translated into a large camper van with a high roof and en-suite bathroom.

Taking the big sister of the Vw Trasporter, the Crafter, as a basis, a real styling exercise has been carried out, lifting the roof and providing the Grand California with the latest equipment and design features. The powerful 177 hp diesel engine and 8-speed automatic gearbox mean that the Grand California moves with ease and safety, thanks to the number of driving assistants available.

Two beds for four people

The first thing you notice when you get into the Vw Grand California is how bright the interior is. A large skylight and predominantly white and light-coloured furnishings make the feeling of spaciousness greater than in other vans.

While the layout of the lounge, with the two front swivel seats and the table between them and the rear double seat, is traditional, the location of the kitchen and cupboards is less so. Neither is the second double bed, which is in the upper part of the vehicle, but it will be the most precious place for the children in the family.

Spacious and comfortable interior

The narrow perimeter wardrobes are the reason for this feeling of spaciousness, together with an open kitchen and a fridge in the lower part of the worktop. The fridge has a pull-out drawer that can be opened from inside and outside the camper-van. With it we can access the drinks, for example, without having to enter the motorhome if we are sitting outside.

The bathroom, also in white, has a practical folding sink and a large mirror that avoids the feeling of being cramped in a small space. It does not have a side window, though, but a small skylight at the top. The shower cannot be taken outside, but in this case there is an outside shower socket with hot water.

Transverse and longitudinal double beds

Perhaps the main difference is in the configuration of the beds. The main double bed is transverse as in other large camper vans, although it is higher than usual, which allows us to have a higher rear garage than in the 4-seater Maxi camper vans. However, on the other hand, it makes access to the bed more uncomfortable.

Regarding the second bed, it is placed longitudinally, in the upper part of the cabin and the camper van’s dining area. A removable part means that it can be folded up during the day and extended at night. It will certainly delight the youngest members of the family, even if they have to climb up a ladder, which is also included in the equipment.

The view, both in the rear bed and in the upper bed, is unbeatable thanks to the two large skylights strategically placed to be able to see the celestial vault on starry nights. And as you well know, and if you didn’t know, you should try it, a night in a campervan is like staying in a hotel with a thousand stars. An unforgettable experience on board this Vw Grand California for rent.