Rent your camper van in Málaga

Caracolvan in Málaga

Malaga is one of the most famous and demanded destinations in Andalusia as the capital of the Costa del Sol. If you want to enjoy an unforgettable holidays and rent a motorhome in Malaga, from Caracolvan we can deliver the Camper van directly to you at Malaga Airport (AGP).

Costa del Sol and much more

Malaga is undoubtedly the most important city of the Costa del Sol and its international airport the busiest in Andalusia. That is why it can be a great starting point for our Camper van rental vacation. From here we have access to the entire Costa del Sol, with its famous towns and beaches, Marbella, Benalmádena, Torremolinos … and its two adjacent provinces, Granada and Cádiz, will give us a great continuation to our vacations.

To the south, less than 200 km, the Strait of Gibraltar puts an end to the Iberian Peninsule, with Tarifa as one of the preferred van destinations. To the north, Granada, with the Sierra Nevada National Park as a natural border, with the Alpujarras on one side and the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, the southernmost in Europe, on the other. And, of course, Granada capital, with its Alhambra, one of the most charming places and history of all Andalusia.

Ronda, Málaga
Costa del Sol, Málaga

What to see in Málaga

But Malaga is not only Costa del Sol, there are many more things to see in Malaga at the wheel of a rental motorhome. Its wonderful interior hides beautiful towns, such as Ronda, one of the must-sees. Nestled in the mountains, its famous “tajo” divides the town into two. From there we can continue a wonderful route with our Camper van along the Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos, which borders on Cádiz.

If something stands out in Malaga is its good weather, without doubt one of the softest in Spain. South of Andalusia bathed by the Mediterranean, always pleasant and without suffering the inclement weather. Foreign and national tourism has taken note of this for years and the Costa del Sol has become a star destination and the sardine skewers are a hallmark of their beaches.

Ronda, Málaga
Los Pueblos Blancos del Valle del Genal, Málaga
Costa del Sol, Málaga
Sardine skewers

What to do in Málaga

The Caminito del Rey, recently remodeled, is one of those routes that due to its spectacularity has become one of the first things on the list of what to do in Malaga. A path of about 3 km built in the Desfiladero de los Gaditanes, with bridges and footbridges hanging in the void and that can now be traversed without danger after years of prohibition.

Nearby we have one of the best examples of karst relief in Europe, the Torcal de Antequera and its capricious shapes in eroded rocks and a little further up we find the Antequera Dolmen Complex, a Unesco World Heritage Site.

If we want to continue on our way through Andalusia, we have it to Seville at a step and following the route we will arrive at Córdoba. A journey through the Andalusian capitals in which Malaga can undoubtedly serve as the beginning and end of an unforgettable Andalusian “roadtrip”.

Caminito del Rey in Málaga
Boat trip in Malaga