Hire a VW T6 California

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It is the most famous Camper van model in the world.

The new Vw T6 California needs hardly any introduction; it is the most famous Camper van model in the world. Volkswagen has been true to its principles and has been evolving its recreational and leisure vans at the same time as it did with the industrial ones. The result is the new Vw T6 California TDI, a vehicle with all the quality and safety of the German brand, but also with complete equipment to enjoy a holiday with your partner, family or friends.

With 4 seats on the road and camping, its already legendary lifting roof greatly enlarges the interior space, creating a comfortable bed at the top. Equipped with fridge, sink, gas stove, static heating and large closets, the new Vw T6 California will become your particular holiday home in every corner of Andalusia.

Air conditioning, power steering, central locking, speed control and a latest generation engine with 7 liters of consumption at 100 km, the new Vw California is at the forefront of technology in the Camper-van world. Much more comfortable to drive than many current vehicles.



Stands out for:
  • Pop-up roof
  • 4 places day / night
  • Ease of driving
We recommend you if:
  • You want to move freely
  • Your travel plan includes cities
  • You want an attic with a view

User Guide Vw T6 California OCEAN – Video tutorial

Rent the iconic Volkswagen T6 California camper van for your next adventure!

The photo that appears in Wikipedia when you search for a camper van is a Volkswagen. The VW T6 California is undoubtedly the essence of the camper van, the van that gave its name to this type of recreational vehicle for the general public.

There have always been camper vans, even horse-drawn ones… human beings are nomadic by nature. Volkswagen only brought it to the mass market. In the past there were camper van builders, but it was the German brand that included a camper van in its production line that you could buy directly from the brand’s dealership. The legendary Vw T1 equipped by Westfalia.

Easy to drive

From the middle of the last century to the present day, the Vw California’s lift-up roof has become a distinctive feature. The versatility of a Vw California is something that no other camper van can offer. At five metres long and two metres high, it can be parked anywhere, even in most city underground car parks, or driven through the narrow streets of the white villages of Andalusia without any problem. 

In addition, the elevated driving position gives us a better view of the road and its economy of use is much better than motorhomes or caravans. Its fuel consumption is around 7 litres of diesel per 100 km and journeys with it do not become heavy and long, but agile and comfortable.

Volkswagen-t6-california: Pop-up roof 

When we arrive at our destination, we can deploy all its comforts. Raise the roof and swivel the front seats around, turning the interior into a spacious lounge and enjoy a cool drink from the fridge or a hot meal from the handy cooker.

When it’s time to go to sleep, we can choose a bed, the one in the upper part that is enabled by raising the roof, very comfortable thanks to the mattress. This is undoubtedly the option chosen by the little ones in the house, how do you tell a child not to sleep in such a cool bed! Or the lower bed, which is formed with the back seat. Also very comfortable and better insulated from the outside than the upper bed for winter days.

Discreet camper-van

Although if we want to go more unnoticed we also have the possibility of sleeping with the roof down. We will not be able to stand up inside but the lower bed, kitchen, fridge and all the rest of the equipment will be fully functional. In addition, if we are cold we can always turn on the diesel stationary heating even when we park. We’ll be warm inside while it may be snowing outside.

In short, the Vw T6 California is the campervan you have to rent if you want to move around independently on your trip, without wasting a lot of fuel and without worrying about the external dimensions of your van when choosing a destination.