Hire easily your 4×4 camper

As a new kind of camper-van Caracolvan presents two Overland 4×4 vehicles for you to give an extra twist to your road-trip experience. They are four-wheel drive vehicles equipped as camper, to reach the most hidden places.


Combining a 4×4 and a campervan in the same vehicle is something that gives your trips unequalled freedom. On a Toyota Hilux 4×4 double cab pick-up, we have fitted the prestigious Azalai Lababaouch Camper cabin, equipped with everything you need for a comfortable life on board for two adults or a family.
Having 4-wheel drive in your camper rental vehicle will allow you to go where others do not reach and have that extra security in your camper adventure.


camper unit
camper 4x4


If there is any AWD that is the new Suzuki Jimny, the new version of the mythical Japanese model causes a furor in all countries. It is a real 4×4, with a small size and very manageable both in the field and in the city. At Caracolvan we wanted to turn it into a 4×4 Camper with a roof tent that turns into a comfortable double bed, while we have incorporated a water tank with an outdoor shower and a fridge, our smallest adventurer who will delight the bolder couples.