Rent your ECO CAMPER

From 79,00€

All the necessary equipment for two people in a rental Camper van and at an affordable price

The Eco Camper is a model based on our experience to offer you all the necessary equipment for two people in a rental Camper van and at an affordable price. On a current van we assemble all the necessary elements so that you do not miss anything in your holidays as a couple.

You can find a bed of 120 x 190 cm, an interior living room with table, a kitchen with sink and a burner, along with a powerful refrigerator completely independent thanks to the auxiliary battery. This coupled with a 50-liter water tank and an outdoor shower, will not miss anything from a larger van.

With a modern interior, the Eco Camper has air conditioning, power steering and a low consumption diesel engine, is the perfect van for all those who want to have the first “Camper Experience” without troubles.



Stands out for:

  • Economy of use
  • Everything you need for two
  • Ease of driving

We recommend you if:

  • You do not want to complicate
  • You are two compulsive travelers
  • You don’t need unnecesary luxuries

The Eco Camper, much more than a camper-van

Since our ancestors humans have been nomadic by nature. They moved around looking for the best food, the best places to camp and the best weather. Thousands of years later something remains in our instinct and in our holidays, we keep moving, looking for beautiful landscapes, the best gastronomy and a bit of warmth (or coolness depending on where you spend the rest of the year) to enjoy those free days without work.

For that, to escape from routine, you don’t need much, it depends on how spartan or sybarite you are. If we assume that we have come of age and that the time of travelling by bus or “hitchhiking” has passed, that we have decided to leave the tent behind and we are going to set off on an adventure in a camper van for hire but our budget does not allow us to rent a fully equipped motorhome, read on.

Basic camper: bed, kitchen, fridge and shower

If all we ask for is a camper van that has a bed, a kitchen, if possible a fridge and some water to take a shower from time to time, this could be the Eco Camper. That could be the Eco Camper. A basic camper van but very well made, with which you can enjoy that dreamed “road trip” alone, with your partner, with your soul mate or with your dog.

What we have done is to take a modern van, which does not consume a lot of fuel and is comfortable to drive and in the back, where the seats or the load usually go, we have put a living room with its seats and a central table. In this space a comfortable bed of 120 cm x 190 cm is mounted to sleep or enjoy unbridled passion.

The portable kitchenette is very useful, so you can cook inside or outside, depending on the mood of the morning or how nice the neighbours are. And a sink that doubles as a washbasin for washing our faces in the morning and for washing up that cup of delicious coffee we’ve had. The idea is clear, very basic but everything works.

Cold beer and a good garden.

It has a 50 litre water tank that allows us to take a shower, with cold water of course, but in summer it is appreciated and gives us vigour. It also has a compressor fridge to keep the beers and food cool, which works with an auxiliary battery that feeds all the equipment of the van, so we can always start the engine and follow the road to our next destination.

Obviously, if you are a family of four, this is not your ideal campervan, but if you are a couple in love or a couple of young and adventurous colleagues, you don’t need much to enjoy a great holiday at the wheel of a comfortable, simple and effective camper van.

Extras that I love you for

If we want a WC… either we take a shovel to go up into the bush (I recommend it: “How to shit in the bush“) or we also rent a portable toilet, which is available on our extras page. If you want a microwave, well, you’ve got the wrong holiday, we’ve got a coffee maker and a gas cooker. There is no hurry, enjoy the countryside, the return to the origins, to get up in the morning and walk on the fresh grass as a carpet, we make it easy for you!