Going on a trip is always exciting, a mixture of excitement and nervousness that reaches its peak when it’s time to pack. What do I wear ? It will rain or sunny? Should I take the flip-flops or the raincoat? … Only when we have locked the door of our house and we are away from the home sweet home we say: “I have my passport and money,  that’s it! The rest can be arranged. ”

If our trip is also in Camper-van, whether it is the first experience or not, the tension multiplies. Will it have towels, torch? Well, we will try to clear the doubts of the essentials for a Camper-van trip and the most recommended to put in your suitcase to enjoy your vacation in an unforgettable “road trip”.


essential equipment Caracolvan camper-van rentals

Essential equipment included in Caracolvan rental camper-vans.

Almost all camper-vans or motorhomes, for hire or not, are equipped with a series of base elements to allow us a comfortable nomadic life. Caracolvan Camper-van rental also include a complete extra equipment included in the price, which means that we will not have to carry or pay any supplement so that our “home with wheels” is ready to enjoy an adventure.


We started with the most basic, a bed to sleep soundly. Most people when camping used to carry their sleeping bag, in the camper-van we prefer to take our comforter and sheets. Why? Because the bed stays made and you sleep better with sheets. That’s why we include your corresponding bedding, sheets (underwear and duvet cover) for the comforter and a couple of pillows. This is basic and is included in all our rental vans. Only if you are three or four people you have to tell us to add one more “packs” for all the occupants for a small extra cost.

If are you more of sleep-bag, just put it into your backpack and it will always allow you to sleep one day under the stars.

we usually get more clother than we need for our road trip

Put only half of the clothes you plan to take for your vacation. You will never use everything!


Beach or mountain? Anyway, you take the shower included in your van (hot water and indoor if you have chosen the Maxi Camper or outside and water of the time if you go in a Vw California or Eco Camper). That’s why we include a couple of bath towels per person, a shower and another hand towel and of course, a beach towel in case you take a dip in the sea or in the river.

Regarding the hygiene items, we recommend bringing your complete toiletry bag, bath gel, shampoo … and a flip flops always helps.

The WC chemists are included in the rental price, whether you take a Weinsberg Carabus (Maxi Camper) or rent the portable toilet in any of the other vans.

Linens and towels included in the camper-van rent

Towels for two people are included in your Caracolvan rental van. Also a beach to enjoy Cadiz to the fullest. As well as the bedding.


Our rental RV are equipped with a fully functional kitchen. Come on, you can cook a lentils pot if you feel like it and you have time. One or two gas burners (the first charge is included), a sink and a compressor fridge (of the real ones), which freeze and leaves the beers really cool.

We also include everything you need to eat (plates, glasses, cutlery …) and to cook (pans, casseroles, cutting board …) ahhh the presure cooker for lentils is optional ;-). Important, Italian coffee maker for the coffee lovers.

If you want to eat every day in the van or delight with the regional specialities, is letf to each one’s choice.

Our recommendation, make a mix so that the budget does not rocket, alternate eating in the van with some eat out. But please, make the purchases in local shops, there are always amazing things in the cuisine of each village.


Clothing is a world in every person, but one thing is universal. We always carry more things in the suitcase than we need. Taking into account the season in which we travel and the place of destination, then we will put the most usual things. That is logical. But then the “just in case” is the one that ruins us in Ryanair.

The best suit to travel in a campervan is comfortable and versatile clothes, something warm and of course the swimsuit. And all this put in a soft suitcase, because the camper-van has its own wardrobe where we can place it and then fold the soft suitcase in the trunk. The hard suitcases are an annoyance empty, it are all day from back to front. Do not forget that there are laundries in most of the campsites and villages, where, if our holidays are long, we can do the laundry and do not need to carry a clean change for each day of the trip.

bring a soft suitcase is recommended in your camper van road trip

A soft suitcase is a good option to travel in campervan, because it allows you to store your clothes in the closet and not have it in the middle bothering you


The best thing about traveling in camper-van or motorhome is that it allows us to get as close as possible to our hobbies. Whatever we like the most, whether it is Kitesurfing or speleology or eating in 3 Michelin star restaurants, nothing is at odds with traveling by Camper-van.

If you like to dive, bring your equipment! If are you like the Casino, bring the tuxedo and the 500€  bills.

Our camper-van trip can get in touch with nature or 100% cultural, we could sleep lost in the countryside or in the middle of a city. Wake up on a beach or walk to a fish market … what we really like the most.  Depending on it, each one has to bring all it will be necessary to enjoy their passion (or rent it here).

We add a table and a couple of outdoor chairs for you to enjoy the environment, be it forest or dune. #vanlife

with the camper-van hire table and outdoor chairs are included

A camper-van or motorhome allows you to be get in touch with nature, we give to you the van, the table and the outside chairs, you choose the place.

That’s right, a hiking boots for a walk, a good book to read or some music for the trip are wellcomed. Our campervans and motorhomes are connected by cable (USB or mini-Jack) or Bluetooth (depending on model) to enjoy music on the road. We also include a torch, but if you are one of those who stays up late, a headlamp is very usefull to have your hands free when the sun goes down …


This of couerse depends on personality of each one. You can have a trip totally planned, with the route, the places where to sleep (motorhomes areas or campsites) and the tickets of the museums already bought, or pick-up the camper-van and drive for where the wind takes to you.

For both styles you have to be ready, either to have time to plan the trip and manage it or not to get nervous if you do not know where you will park your van for sleep until the last hour of the day.

Map and guide for your camper-van trip

A small preliminary planning of the trip is not bad, but remember, you travel in a van, you are free every day to choose your destination. Do not encorse too much the “planning”, you never know what or who you will find along the way.

Our recommendation is to have more or less checked the area where you go, the best options to visit and then go to close plans shorter, because you never know the wonderful site that you could find one day… The really best thing about traveling in motorhome or campervan is that you can afford to improvise, because everything you need is with you. #homeiswhereyouparkit

In addition, currently with mobile applications with maps and places to stay (Park4night, Campercontact …) we can design our trip at the moment everywhere.

Park4Night or CamperContact could hep in your camper-van trip

The applications of mobile phones and tablets come in handy to decide which way choose.

We add a paper map and some recommendations of the area, and of course, if you ask us, we will tell you the best places to enjoy with our / your camper-van.

In short, before starting our journey we have to prepare some essentials for a Camper-van trip :
-Luggage in soft suitcase.
-The half of the clothes that you thought to take.
-Flip flops.
-Comfortable shoe sports or hikking boots.
– Toiletry bag with gel and shampoo.
– Something warm clothes.
-Music on the mobile or USB.
-Headlamp or torch.
– Applications for mobile (Park4Night, CamperContact)