Paca, the camper van dog


Hello, my name is Paca, my owners have a camper van rental company in Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain: Caracolvan. I’ve been travelling in a van since I was a little girl, I have my place behind the seat of Nacho and Ainhoa, my owners. When we are on the move, I look out of the window or sleep and when we stop, they always take me with them to the beach or to the mountains.

Lunch Time in the Van

vacations with dog in a campervan

When it’s time to eat, my owners’ seats suddenly turn into a dining room, they cook the food they have in the fridge and some crumbs always fall at my feet! The table that is used for eating is also used for playing cards or simply for reading or painting with the youngest member of the family, who has been joining us on all our trips for a few years now.


Motorhome or campervan, the ideal dog holiday


I like travelling in a camper van because I get the same bed at home, my food and my bowl of water from furgos! Besides, it’s warmer and the best thing of all is that I’m with them all the time, I don’t take my eyes off them for a moment, not even when they sleep. We are together all day long and that is what I like the most.

Ainhoa takes me out in the mornings, very early in the morning, and I take a walk controlling the neighbours of that day. Sometimes we sleep in a campsite and I have to go on a leash, but normally we are in the middle of nature and I can go free and to my air.


Camper vans “Pet Friendly”


What I like the most is when we are on a beach and we take advantage of the first hour to go for a swim in the sea, when there is still nobody on the sand. Because I don’t know if I’ve told you, I’m a water dog and I love swimming! As much as I love travelling in a van.

During the day we always go for a nice walk and have a great time, whether on the coast or in the mountains. They also take me to towns and cities, and I really like it, because my hair attracts a lot of attention and everyone always caresses me, they call me “rastadog”!


The whole family in a camper van

travelling with your pet in a van

When evening falls we always look for a nice and quiet place to sleep. I know it’s getting close to dinner time… I usually stay in the street in the cool after dinner, I like to get under the van and check who passes by. Just before going to bed, Nacho takes me for a walk around the area to see the neighbours’ vans. Sometimes we have doggy neighbours who want to come and sniff me, but I don’t like them coming near my van, it’s my second home and I protect it as such!


When we go to sleep I like to go to the front part of the van where it’s cooler and have a good drink of water before I go to bed. I go to sleep and my master says that I bark in my sleep, I don’t remember but I know that I wake up thinking about the bath I’m going to take on any beach or stream the next day. I love travelling in a camper van!


Advantages of travelling with a dog in a camper van

Travelling with a dog in a camper van is a unique and wonderful experience. I can enjoy nature, always be with my family and get to know new places. If you have a dog and want an unforgettable holiday, travelling in a camper van is the best option!

To Paca.