Usually the newspapers talk about news, more or less fortunate, but the VW T2 Kombi is unusual protagonist of them. After its recent cessation of production (December 2013 in Brazil) the legendary VW van has taken the limelight once more.

   This time it has been in the monthly supplement of the free newspaper “20 Minutes” where Lucía Burbano makes an interesting story about our beloved Volkswagen T2, Kombi or Bulli.

Vw Camper Spirit

   There we will see that this van Vw has gone from being a vehicle to directly become a myth, it is more important what happens around him the aura of freedom and good vibes that gives off, that his battered mechanics more than 50 years old.

   To attest this, along the story, we find different views and experiences that have had these Vw Vans lovers. In the interview talks the boys from FurgoVw Forum and filmmakers of “Furgoaddictes” series as well as Anton Calderon and Maria Royo, who traveled more than 20,000 km in Latin America driving a Vw T2 Camper or some old friends, as Fran of “Karvans” in Seville, responsible for the maintenance of some of our Vw rental vintage vans.

   Caracolvan Campervan Rental Spain also has its place in the story, as our relationship with the German mark and the Campervan spirit is very strong because we have Vw T2 Camper Van, Vw Vw T3 and T5 California California for hire.

Campervan Hire in Andalusia Spain

You can read it online version here or donwload PDF