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At 2018 have reached seven years at the wheel of Caracolvan Camper van rental, and some voices said that every 7 years a cycle of our life is fulfilled. We just made some changes and we have a web page, renewing at the same time all our image.

The new website is now available in Spanish, English and French and will be soon in German. There you will find, as before, all our offer of Camper vans for hire in Andalusia, Spain, with detailed information about their equipment, but also with new photos and descriptive videos and tutorials of our star Camper van rental. You can see it without problems in any support, computer, “smartphone” or “tablet” and make your reservations with total security.

Camper van rental offer

The Vw T6 California and the Maxi Camper, are the favorite of our garage, the most desired and requested! But we have made some changes to the rest of the fleet, adding two new cheaper camper van rental options for couples, the Mini Camper and the Eco Camper. Depending on your equipment needs you can choose one or the other models.

Weinsberg Carabus to rent

Neither do we forget the large families, if you are five we have one of the few fully equipped 5 seater camper vans, the new model of Ford Transit Nugget Westfalia, an indefatigable companion of adventures where the whole family can take part.

Ford Transit Nugget to hire

Classics Vw Camper vans for hire

But we can not forget our beginnings, the mythical Volkswagen van that saw us being born, with which we took our first steps and learned many things, especially mechanics ;-)
They are still in our garage, leaving their oil marks in the heart. Our inseparable Vw T2 Camper or Bay Window, from 1977, with its unmistakable hippie and smiling nose or the Vw T3 Joker or California,  impossible forget the hours spent under those rear boxer engines … in its Syncro (4×4) or Joker Westfalia version.

Well, they continue to play their role but are now utmost care and only are available for specific events, advertising or celebrations (weddings, shows…) Tell us what you want to do with it and we will take it to you where you are.

classic campervan to rent

New Caracolvan logo

We have stuck a good wiggle to the image of Caracolvan, and the colors orange, green and blue, which we liked so much (and still like ehhhh!) changed to a logo in black and white, more plain but more evocative.

The silhouette of a van (if it is a Vw T2 but do not tell this to Volkswagen!) With its pop-up roof raised in the middle of nature, enjoying a sunset between the beach and the mountains. This is supposed to be interpreted by you, but hey, in case anyone has doubts, we explain it to you :-) Do you like it? Well, you’d better say yes, because at this point there is no longer a remedy and we’re not going to change it, we’ll have to wait another seven years …

Well and with this cool logo are going to be coming in the form of stickers, shirts, cups … and we will inform you and enjoying the camper van rental of all the new merchandising, as like as “cocaloca” friend!

Camper van rental new logo

Crazy seven year offer

We leave the best for last. As we did not know how to celebrate this change of cycle, thinking and thinking we have seen that the best thing we do is to rent Camper vans in Andalusia, more than 1000 satisfied customers attest it, we have thought to offer you a free day of rent in all the hires of the next two months, May and June. What do you think?

This offer will be applied to bookings of at least 5 days (or more) made through the web during the month of May and enjoyed during May and June of 2018.

You just have to choose the pick-up place, your travel dates and the Caracolvan Camper-van in which you want to go! Write in the “additional comments”

Happy 7 years!

We will add a day for free to your booking

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