van temperature in andalusia
When we decide to travel with our camper to Spain, one of the aspects that we care most is the place we are going to go and especially the time that we will find.
In order to help you, we have decided to explain how the weather normally in Andalusia and specifically in April, a month as you will observe, perfect to travel in camper to Andalusia (we also recommend that you take a look at this guide : “Road Trip for Andalusia“).
In general in Andalusia, we enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate, in which summers are dry and hot, in winter the temperatures are mild, and the rains are scarce. In different areas we can find bioclimatic differences due to the diversity of the environment.
What most characterizes the weather in Andalusia is the hours of sunshine per year.
The latitude of Andalusia allows that, just after the winter, the days begin to be longer, with more than 12 hours of light from the middle of March, which offers us to take advantage of the days aboard our Camper.
Most travelers who decide to visit Andalusia go to Cadiz, to the areas of Conil and Tarifa, for their incredible kilometers beaches, the atmosphere, and to practice sports like surfing, kite surfing, paddle surf…
When in other areas of Europe it is still unthinkable to make a living outside the house, in Cadiz for example, we can enjoy a meal in the sun outside our motorhome and more than half a day of sunshine to do what you do not want, Nature, cultural visits or just relax in the sun on some beach.

Temperature in andalucia for a van trip

temperature in andalucia for a campervan trip
You can check this information in: Junta de Andalucía.
With these data, we observe that the best time to make a trip to Andalusia is between the months of March to June, avoiding July and August, which are the hottest months of the year, reaching temperatures of 40ª even surpassing in many Andalusian cities. The other months to travel and not suffer these high temperatures, are from September to November.
Andalusia is characterized as we have indicated previously, because it is bioclimatic, due to the great differences that are in the middle, it is in the mountain area where the winters are quite colder and the summer months are more pleasant than in the zone of inside.
The umbrella is not usually a necessary ally in our travels to Andalusia.

Weather in April in Andalusia

So, what weather can we find if we travel in April to Andalusia?. It depends on the area we go to, if we decide to go to mountain areas, temperatures will be lower than in the interior or coastal areas, as well As the possibility of rain.
If we decide to travel to the coastal areas, in the month of April we can find some drizzles, but what will prevail is the sun.
cloudy weather andalusia
Photo of a cloudy day in Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cádiz)

Climatology in Cádiz

Let’s focus on the climatology of Cadiz, being one of the destinations most chosen by our campers. Located on the so-called “coast of light”, it is characterized by having more than 3000 hours of light a year.
Now comes the spring time, perfect for traveling with our Camper, being a period in which temperatures are average, begin to lengthen the days and enjoy more than 12 hours of light, which will allow us to carry out many activities Outside our motorhome, we will also enjoy incredible sunsets, after the winter and the rains, the flowering season begins and we will be able to enjoy in our trip of spectacular landscapes.
Another favorite time to travel is in autumn, where even in October we can enjoy wonderful autumnal beach days.

Weather in Cádiz

The average annual temperature is 18ºC, the winters are not too cold, it is the month of December and January when we find colder temperatures, summers are not overly warm thanks to the sea, which softens temperatures, unlike other Andalusian cities indoor.
August is the warmest month, the average temperature being 27ºC.
sunset in andalusia cadiz

Sea temperature

Sea temperatures range from 16 ° in January to 23 ° in August.
For all those who love water sports, we recommend the website Windguru where you can see all the relevant information, such as the wind, the size of the waves… It is an indispensable ally when making the decision to travel to Conil, El Palmar, Tarifa, for surfing, kitesurf, paddle surf

Rain in Cádiz

On the coast of Cadiz we can find rains in the winter and spring months, but they are usually scarce, the influence of the sea makes the climate humid, giving the sensation of more heat in summer and more cold in winter.
But in other areas such as the mountains, especially in the Sierra de Grazalema, exceed 2000 mm per year, and in the area of ​​the coast does not reach 500 mm.

Wind in Cádiz

One of the characteristic features of Cadiz is the wind of the east, which brings those who want to bathe to the beach on the days when it blows and makes them take shelter in the beautiful Sierra de Grazalema, it delights Of the lovers of Kite Surf, Windsurf and in general all the sports of surf in all the coast Cádiz, certainly a European reference for these sports.

Types of wind in Cádiz

The “levante” (wind east) comes from the east, it is a warm, dry wind. It predominates in summer, it is in the zone of the strait where it is stronger, being able to attain gusts of more than 140kms
The west wind, coming from the west, directly from the ocean, is colder and more humid, predominates more in winter and can lead to precipitation.
There are more types of winds, such as the “calm rise“, where temperatures are high, but you can enjoy incredible beach days, in the absence of wind.
Other websites that we recommend is this: Sunsetsunrisetime we can inform you about the hours of light.

To travel in a van to cadiz

campervan in andalusia
To conclude, we can observe how the climate in the province of Cadiz is varied according to the geographic location, from mountainous areas with very abundant precipitations, to areas where they are scarce even having times of drought. Areas where the temperature in winter does not fall below 10º and in other areas where they are under 0º and even snow.