We leave this report of the program “Health to the day” of Canal Sur in which they counted on Caracolvan and Reel Surfoards to show some of the benefits of enjoying a “Camper Experience”.

    As you all know camper vans are not only a means of transport, but because of their equipment as housing, these vehicles are the perfect companions to escape for a few days in search of adventure in nature. Whether it be surfing, hiking, biking, climbing … any sport we practice or even simply tourism. The most important thing is to have fun enjoying what we like most and of course as nexus of everything: “Healthy Life”.

Traveling in Camper gives us the freedom to take the house on its back, enjoying all the advantages that entails, such as sleeping, eating or just rest wherever we want. Having our little lair with the best views, enjoying varied landscapes and experiences, something that traveling otherwise would not be possible.

Program recording

We are also on the Costa de la Luz, in Cadiz. So the environment is unbeatable and the weather, the envy of any other European country. We have some of the best beaches in Andalusia, some trekking routes as well as impressive bikes, bird watching or cetaceans, beautiful villages in the Sierra de Grazalema or in the Alcornocales Park and monuments with centuries of history. In short, many alternatives that you can plan to do with the comfort of sleeping wherever and whenever you want, organizing your time as best you come.

Your first “Camper Experience” with Caracolvan

Caracolvan offers a wide range of camper vans for hire. From the Vw Caddy Eco Camper (for two people) to the last VW T6 California, going through the “Big Camper Volume” or “Maxi camper”, which even has bathroom, shower and hot water inside. In all of them you will find everything you need for a perfect getaway. Equipped kitchen, refrigerator, double beds, chairs and table outside, in addition to all the kitchenware and linens … so that your “Camper Experience” is complete and unbeatable.

Traveling in Camper engages, we already have many customers who have bought their own van after spending a holiday with a Camper rental Caracolvan. It has a special charm that can not be counted, that you must experience in first person.
If you are looking for a different holiday where the schedules, the route and the destination you fix it.

You need to try a Camper van!