Sunny Tuesdays

Tuesday 25% discount.
Tuesdays are a silly day , we know it, but this day is as good as any to ride a wave or enjoy a beach. So we want to make your Tuesdays more exciting and lower the base price of all our Caracolvan rental Campervan at 25%. Yes, 25%, you read correctly. Enjoy the Sunny Tuesdays!

Beautiful and emotional goodbye to Vw T2 / Kombi

  As you all know the Volkswagen T2 Kombi stopped definitely manufactured ​​late last year. His production remained in Brazil until 2013, but eventually the requirement for safety and pollution given by finishing the successful design created by Dutchman Ben Pon 1940.

  Here you can see a nice video where a quick and emotional life review of the VW T2 Kombi and what it has meant for many people this van is. A lovely goodbye to a van that has given life to many dream and illusions.


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