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The trip itself becomes the adventure; the destination it’s just an excuse to enjoy an unforgettable experience at the wheel of our house with wheels. Caracolvan will be perfect if you want to try, for the first time, the extraordinary feeling of freedom. Also if you are a traveler expert and you would enjoy a road trip by Andalusia.

But, please be carefull it will hook you!






Faster, more confortable

  Do you want to go faster, cooler, more comfortable ... want to make the most of your holiday traveling too far? Would you like to have everything you need to travel with your partner, your family, your friends ... and not worry about anything else? Forget hotels, reservation, bus ... Only you and your leisure, without any limit. Very soon with new Caracolvan Long Way Campervans hire, you have no limits. Guess how soon at    

Arriving at dock…

  The new Long Way Caracolvan   Campervans   are arriving ay dock. A new generation of hire campervans for the more travelers. Brand new, equipped with the most you can ask for in a   campervan   of these features,   bathroom  ,   heating  , hot water ... and consumption really tight. The ideal compact motorhome for a vacation in Andalusia. Very soon you will view them in Caracolvan    

Metal Lube in our Campervans

  The engines and gearboxes of our hire Vw classic Campervans are Metal Lube protected. Metal Lube is an anti-friction tratament, added to the oil of the engine and gearbox and gives extra protection to these vital elements of our vehicles. Very easy to use, all of our classic Camper vans run now with an added tranquility, knowing that despite his seniority, Metal Lube protects significantly improving lubrication. You can find more information about Metal Lube in:    

Vote for us at ‘Las pequeñas se lo están currando”

  Caracolvan, Classic Campervan Hire, participates in the competition launched by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) ""Las pequeñas se lo están currando" initiative to encourage micro SMEs and freelancers, to change, novelty and training on basic aspects of innovation. To achieve the award need your vote and get a promotion campaign on the Internet and the recognition of entrepreneurial business that offers its customers a unique value. If you think we deserve it, Vote for us HERE.    

‘The Bus’: a van done movie.

  This is the remarkable story of a vehicle that became an icon. Anyone who has ever driven a Volkswagen Camper Van already knows that it’s a nostalgic tale of freedom, love, friendship, breakdowns and adventures. ‘The Bus’ playfully explores how a post-WWII German utility vehicle envolved into a cultural icon that represents freedom and the open road; defining and connecting generations of fun lovers everywhere. Beginning in Germany with the vehicle’s creation, into a wild ride that changes the world forever, ‘The Bus’ is an adventure from beginning to end. From Wolfsburg to Hollywood, Burning Man to Baja, people [...]

What is a campervan? Camper is not just a shoe

  If we hear "Camper", most of us think in the beautiful and modern designs of the popular shoes spanish brand. But Camper is not just a shoe brand, is also a model of van that combines transportation and home in one space. A very cozy space traveler. Early Vw Camper at fifties The first Camper vans were created, if we ignore some of the carts of the far west, by the German brand Volkswagen in the 50s on its popular "Bulli", "Kombi" or T1, as they became known commercially. Far from the heavy contraptions called motorhomes, Vw by the [...]

Campervan is over 1.000 Followers in Facebook !!

  Many thanks to everyone! We are more than 1.000 friends in Facebook in our third summer renting Campervans in Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain. Caracolvan family grows every year, more than 1.000 friends on social networks and eight fully equipped Campervans for rent. Thanks to all!  

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