If we hear “Camper“, most of us think in the beautiful and modern designs of the popular shoes spanish brand. But Camper is not just a shoe brand, is also a model of van that combines transportation and home in one space. A very cozy space traveler.

Early Vw Camper at fifties

The first Camper vans were created, if we ignore some of the carts of the far west, by the German brand Volkswagen in the 50s on its popular “Bulli“, “Kombi” or T1, as they became known commercially.

Far from the heavy contraptions called motorhomes, Vw by the hand of Westfalia, began in 1951 to make history by creating the first “Campervan“. In 1960 came the pop-up roof and upper bed. And already in 1968 with the VW T2 “Bay Window” the model was popularized completely, which has reached our days with the VW T5 California, through the T25 and T4. Someday we will review one by one all models.

Vw T1 Campervan 1951

What is a Camper van?

Many people ask what is really a Camper van and what advantages it has over the fully equipped motorhomes. Well, Camper van is a vehicle that, besides from preserving the qualities of a car, allows you to carry everything you need, to eat, sleep, travel …

Based on a van and without exceeding its original dimensions, the interior is equipped with cooker, fridge, sink, cabinets, bed … what turns it into a small mobil home, which also goes unnoticed from outside. Also, as it doesn’t have a great height and overhangs, it has no problems when traveling on narrow roads or getting around in a city, and its consumption is also lower.

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