The trip itself becomes the adventure; the destination it’s just an excuse to enjoy an unforgettable experience at the wheel of our house with wheels. Caracolvan will be perfect if you want to try, for the first time, the extraordinary feeling of freedom. Also if you are a traveler expert and you would enjoy a road trip by Andalusia.

But, please be carefull it will hook you!






65 years of Vw Campervans

       In the middle of the last century the first Vw Kombi van saw the light thanks to the idea of a Dutchman, Ben Pon, which is set on a platform motorized that he watched in the factory of Volkswagen, which workers mounted from a Vw Beetle. Liked the idea to the seasoned exporter and thought '' here's business '' and did a small drawing in his notebook that would be the germ of what we know today. Since then until today, 2016, Vw has not stopped producing the most famous van of the world (apologies to the “A-Team”), [...]

II Spot Surf Surge this weekend

     This weekend there will be the ideal conditions for the celebration of Surge Surf Spot II, to be held during the weekend of the 5th and April 6th, 2014 on the beach of the “Las Redes” in El Puerto de Santa María, Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain. Remember that the initial appointment of 1 and 2 March had to be postponed due to lack of suitable weather conditions for the celebration. Surf sports competition scored for Andalusian championship and the National Spain championship in the SUP Surf event. As before, SURGE will feature various activities related to beach sports, Caracolvan [...]

Beautiful and emotional goodbye to Vw T2 / Kombi

    As you all know the Volkswagen T2 Kombi stopped definitely manufactured late last year. His production remained in Brazil until 2013, but eventually the requirement for safety and pollution given by finishing the successful design created by Dutchman Ben Pon 1940. Here you can see a nice video where a quick and emotional life review of the VW T2 Kombi and what it has meant for many people this van is. A lovely goodbye to a van that has given life to many dream and illusions.  

Come to ‘Monkey Week’!

      Along the weekend of 10, 11 and 12 October will be held in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain, a new edition of the most important festival for independent music in our country, "Monkey Week". The "Monkey" is not a music festival more, like all the summer festivals, it's more because it is a meeting point where after the summer season, goes anyone who has something to do with independent music . Hundreds of artists and professionals, as well as press, producers and the public are mixed during weekends the streets and bars of El Puerto de [...]

Vw vintage rental van wearing fashion

      Our van more "vintage" van hire, Vw Camper T2 1977 has not been to the Oscars, but did not want to miss a "photoshoot" as a model by Esther García, accompanying the image more "hippie" of the Cadiz designer .      To celebrate the opening of its new store for fashion and accessories in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain, Esther García has presented a new collection of dresses and accessories. 70'S Vw hippie        Puntilla Beach, in the Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain was the setting for the photo shoot where Esther [...]

Spring is here! Let´s enjoy our campervan in Spain

  Finally spring came, Camper vans, like the flowers and the birds begin to stretch and raise their roofs to catch all the sunshine. After a long hard winter, the small Volkswagen Camper Caracolvan out of their shell and begin to enjoy the nice warm sunny day in Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain.    The beaches of Tarifa, Bolonia, El Palmar ... are waiting. If you want to take a stroll with one of them and see the most green and flowery Cadiz of the last years, choose your van Vw Our Campers  

New Camper Long Way

  Caracolvan debut. Two new models of vans equipped, two brand Camper are available to rent them from today. The new Camper Caracolvan Long Way, in two versions "Mini Camer" and "Maxi Camper", come to support the Classic Volkswagen Camper hitherto Caracolvan the protagonists. Based on two well-known current vans, the Nissan NV200 and Fiat Ducato, put within your reach a new concept compact motorhome rental to make the most of your holiday no matter where you want to go.    

Caracolvan drinks Lanjarón

  Our dear VW T3 Multivan "Kaikorua Van" has party dress and goes on tour to the beaches of Andalucía, with Lanjarón water bottle over his shoulder. From Malaga to Tarifa, throughout the week, Caracolvan binds to “Espiritu de Lanjarón Tour” bringing the water from Sierra Nevada and the various proposed challenges to the beach. You could follow the tour at: www.espiritu.lanjaron.com  

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