The Carnival is celebrated in the streets of Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain from 4 to 14 February 2016. During these ten days the streets of Cadiz are filled with people and the famous satirical songs become protagonists, singing with grace and sarcasm events more well-known from this past year…

   The Festival is crowded the first Saturday of Carnival, on 5 February, when thousands of people attend from all points of Spain to one of the more famous Carnival of the peninsula. The stranger that day is one that does not go disguised and does not enjoy the festivities through the narrow Cadiz‘s streets.

Family dresses of Vw camper

Don’t miss the ‘illegals’

     But the Carnival in Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain, does not end there, throughout the following week takes place the most popular and funny of all, the performances of choirs, “chirigotas”, “comparsas”, and quartets that fill the streets again. The ‘illegal‘, for thus are called, are the soul of the Carnival of Cadiz, what more you about society and the people.

Carnival Cadiz poster 2016

     A popular festival which is woven with the grace of the people who come to sing what lead throughout the year preparing. Grace and irony board to criticize what has been happening in 2015, with humor and sarcasm are rolls around and fill the Cadiz streets of costumes, laugh and joke.

     If you don’t know what is the Cadiz Carnival and you’ve not experienced it, we recommend you go one day to check it for yourself, because we can not explain you. You have to experience the atmosphere, go from street to street looking for the best joke and found in a corner, to realize laughingly of art that have these people, “pisha”!

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