Have you already chosen your costume for this Carnival? Carnival is celebrated in Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain, from 12 to 22 February 2015. You have to start thinking about the costume you’re going to wear for the occasion.

During those ten days, Cadiz dresses up and the streets are full of people, with the famous “chirigotas” prepare each year and hundreds of funny street performances. The first Saturday of Carnival, February 14th, is when more people are in the streets disguised as thousands of people come from all over Andalusia and Spain.

Vw T25 Campervan dressed up for Cadiz Carnival

    But also, throughout all Carnival’s week, in Cadiz are developed street performances by all the choirs (“coros”), “chirigotas”, “comparsas” and quartets (“cuartetos”), various groups that along the year they preparing the Carnival, with costumes worked and a corrosive humor that makes a sarcastic criticism of the present social, political and economic life

Festival of people

Carnival in Cadiz is one of those festivals where the real protagonist is the people, art and above all fun. No homage is paid to another saint that joke or another virgin that laughter.

2015 Cadiz Carnival Poster

    The “chirigotas“, both official and illegal, sharpened his grace and irony to critique with humor and sarcasm what has happened throughout the year, starting the smiles of all who come to the streets to experience live one of the parties more authentic and teaser of Andalusia, Spain.

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