If you have never felt the freedom to stay and sleep in the same place where you have enjoyed a beautiful sunset, or the feeling of getting out of bed listening to the waves, it is time to think it may be possible. Hiring a Caracolvan campervan offers you the same way to enjoy all of the above if you’re a lover of open spaces and nature.

Car, hotel and restaurant in one

The Campervans are essentially compact motorhomes, small vans equipped with everything you need to sleep, eat and carry around what you need for a holiday. Nowadays they are booming because they bring together transportation, hotel and even a restaurant in a few square meters, greatly reducing costs and above all giving unmatched freedom of movement when it comes to enjoying a holiday. “Here today, there tomorrow.”

A Campervan holiday in Spain

Caracolvan Camper Rental, a special option

For that reason we have made available to everyone who wants to try this experience, the possibility of rent a campervan in an environment as wonderful as it is in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia, Southern Spain. We have chosen two models of vans for rent, Caracolvan Classic Camper and Caracolvan Long Way Camper. You can choose HERE