If you have not yet decided to give away this Christmas, we will suggest an idea …. If you love to travel freely and you like Campervans, we have the solution. We offer a “Caracolvan Camper Experience Voucher” to enjoy a Camper van rental during 2015 by the time you choose.

Christmas Gift Camper Experience

    Whether you’re a lover of classic VW Camper and want to spend an unforgettable weekend on the beaches of Cadiz, Spain, as if what you want is comfort to go in a Campervan equipped with bathroom and hot water and take a road trip in Andalusia, Spain or a road trip in Portugal, we have what you need.

An unforgettable experience

Just make your reservation and we will send to you a nice personalized “Voucher Caracolvan Camper Experience” with the name that you choose valid for a Camper Van hire. If you have always wanted to try a Campervan trip and feel free to bring your small house in tow, this year you can do to give your partner a surprise renting a Camper Caracolvan from 199€.

Moreover, it is a great gift, because don’t forget that in the Campervan also YOU can go!!

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