When the holidays are approaching, those, the most or the least, have already planned their trip. The rise of the RV, motorhome and campervans in Spain and Europe is creating a new generation of “summer nomads” who every day chooses more this kind of holidays freely and without conditions.

     The most common to know whether we like this sort of holiday or not, is to rent a motorhome, rent a RV or rent a campervan, because spend thousand euros in buying them without been tested before is not a good option.

Motorhome and Campervan for hire

Ready to try

     Determined to rent a house on wheels, it comes the question, what does suit me more? should I rent a motorhome or a campervan better? Obviously we are judge and jury in this matter, but we will try to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

     The first and most important is the number of people we are, because the number of places can make us directly opt the balance for either choice. If we are more than four people, we would chose motorhome without doubting, simply because most Campervans have a maximum of four places to travel or to sleep.

Vw T5 California with pop up roof and a motorhome

The main thing, the size


     Starting from this, if we are a large family or group of friends, the motorhome can give us more options than a Campervan. It is larger and has more space to set luggage, to be inside with the kids, to play a six people Monopoly game…etc.

     This is the main premise: space, but for good and for bad, because a motorhome is very big inside but also outside, and this is a drawback when moving. That’s where Campervan is a better option when we are behind the wheel and traveling, which is basically what we are supposed to do.

Motorhome hiring for family trip

Type of road trip

     This leads us to the second premise, the type of road trip that we are going to do. If we are going to drive many miles on all kinds of roads, highways, secondary roads, mountain passes… etc, Campervan is much more agile and economical, remember that it has the simply measures of a regular van, without great overhangs that stop it from passing through narrow places or even getting into underground parking.

     Also as being smaller, the Camper-van it consumes less fuel and it is easier to drive, do not forget that because some people are terrified at the thought of driving a seven meter long and nearly two meter wide motorhome.

   So, if we are to make many and varied kilometers, hiring a Campervan will give us more versatility, but if we are going to sit still on a Campsite or at the beach to spend our fortnight’s holiday, the motorhome rental will be our perfect “summer cottage”..

Vw T5 California for hire and motorhome for hire

Camping equipment

    Regarding the interior equipment, both are very similar, most of current Campervans come with everything you need for a great holiday, stove, sink, refrigerator, heating, double bed … The main difference between camper-vans and motorhomes is again available space. In a motorhome everything is bigger, while the Campervan is more compact, usually designed for a couple.

     Another thing to note is that the motorhomes always have a bathroom, with its chemical toilet, hot water and indoor shower, while the more compact type of campervans, like Vw California T5, have to settle with a portable chemical toilet and an outdoor shower. This is solved in the case of Campervans called “high top” that are based on a slightly larger van, where the indoor bathroom and shower with hot water is included, such as the Weinsberg Carabus “Maxi Camper” of Caracolvan.

Vw T5 California for hire and motorhome for hire

     To conclude, if you are thinking of renting a campervan or a motorhome for your holidays, it will depend on how many people you are and the type of road trip you would like to do… But above all, it depends on the desire of enjoying you have, as both, a camper-van and a motorhome open a new horizon of possibilities in your holidays, with many more advantages than disadvantages in both cases and there is no doubt, if what you want is to travel freely and enjoying nature, that this is one of the most recommended way to spend your holidays.