Caracolvan Campervan Rental and Surfer King, the gift specialists in the world of surfing and Volkswagen vans, have joined forces to perform the “I Surfer Tour Experience“.

       Along November one of our Campervans hire will be on tour throughout the peninsular coast, starting in Seville and ending in Cadiz, Spain, through the most famous spots and Surf Camps in Spain and Portugal. 30 days traveling, more than 5,000 km and visiting 80 specialized surf shops.


4 November:  Seville                        18-19 November: Aragon

5-7 November: Portugal                  19-21 November: Catalunya

8-10 November: Galicia                    21-23 November: C. Valenciana

11-12 November: Asturias                23-24 November: Murcia

13-14 November: Cantabria             24-26 November: Almeria, Granada

14-17 November: Euskadi                26-30 November: Malaga, Cadiz


You can follow it daily on Caracolvan  & Surfer King Facebook and Twitter.


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