The best way to forget the winter cold is to take all our ingenuity and good humor to prepare a Carnival costume. This year the ultimate pagan festival arrives early in Cadiz, Andalusia, will commence on Thursday 7 February until Sunday 17 February. This is one of the most famous popular festival in Spain.

During those ten days  Cadiz  gets dressed of party and the streets are full of people, with hilarious “chirigotas” and crowd of spectators. The first Saturday of Carnival, on February 9, is when there are most people dressed up in the street and the large majority of outside people. Come on, you can not go to Cadiz without dress up!!

Subsequently, throughout the week of Carnival, in the city of Cadiz in different scenarios are developed performances by all the choirs (“coros”), “chirigotas”, “comparsas” and quartets (“cuartetos”), various groups that along the year they preparing the Carnival, with costumes worked and a corrosive humor that makes a sarcastic criticism of the present social, political and economic life

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