This weekend has started the 6th edition of the Panda Raid and one of his teams have gone through our facilities in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain where we have given logistical and mechanical support.

The Panda is an amateur raid that runs in Spain and Morocco. The start is in Madrid, where the caravan goes to Algeciras to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. Once in Africa, the route runs through the varied landscapes of Morocco. Divided into seven stages, the race visit from the cedar forests of Azrou, the desert of Erg Chebbi in Merzouga, south to near reaching Marrakesh, after crossing the Atlas Mountains.

The Panda Raid Arrive at Caracolvan Camper Rental


    His final destination is on the beautiful beaches of Essaouira, where participants who have managed to reach the goal, celebrate the feat with a swim in the Atlantic.

Just Seat / Fiat Panda
The major feature of this test is that participants can only do so at the wheel of a classic car, a Seat Panda in its different versions (Fiat, Seat, Panda, Marbella, 4×4 …) and that his main struggle is not against the clock, what counts is the experience itself. It also has a section solidarity, which donates school supplies to schools in southern Morocco, which the participants carry on their Panda,

   The Seat Panda Team “The Panders” formed by Juanma Garcia and Juanma Cañas reached Caracolvan facilities in El Puerto de Santa Maria on Friday afternoon. After making a slight warming up in the engine after the long trip from Madrid, it was decided to revise the cooling system.

This time there is not a Vw T3 Camper hire, is a Seat Panda Raid

  The water pump, thermostat and radiator were replaced. For one day, in the “box” there was no a Caracolvan VW T25 Camper van hire, is just a Seat Panda ! On Saturday at noon Panda ran smoothly temperature Valdelagrana Beach.

    They took Algeciras way to scrutineering and Sunday embarked way to Tangier. Throughout all this week will travel more than 3000 km of regularity, orientation, but especially adventure.

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